Her Calling vs. Yours

In Christian culture, you’ll often hear people talk about their desire to “live out their calling.” The meaning of that phrase is to simply say that you desire to live your life according to God’s will; to be used however God sees fit, in order to lead other’s to Christ.

This is a very beautiful desire. But, there are various obstacles and temptations that can distract and draw us away from fulfilling that calling. Examples can include strongholds, fear, doubt, apathy, pride, people-pleasing, etc.. Today I’m just going to focus on one stumbling block that keeps a lot of followers of Christ from fully surrendering their hearts and the work of their hands to God’s will: comparison.

*Let me preface by explaining that when I write about “her,” it’s symbolic for anyone that you feel the need to compare yourself to.

How many times have you felt that you just fall short of where you’d like to be spiritually or in your relationship with God? We might feel that we aren’t doing enough, qualified enough, or spiritually fit enough to be used by God. It’s usually because at some point, we chose to compare ourselves to another human being that we felt was doing it “right!” You know the kind of person I am talking about. That perfect, happy-go-lucky, kind-hearted, philanthropic, bible-reading, church-leading, hard-working, meal-prepping, book-reading, trend-setting, edumacated, Christian woman with a nice smile that we just LOVE to stalk on IG?

Let’s be honest here, there are some pretty amazing people out there! And we are so enthralled by their calling and admire their love for God and others, as we should be. But, even with the great things in life we need to set healthy boundaries. In this case, within our own minds. Meaning, we should let these incredible people inspire us without getting into the dangerous zone of comparison.

Why is comparison dangerous when it comes to our spiritual journey? Because it can distract you from YOUR calling. Let me explain.

“Her” calling, journey, gifting, talents and story was never meant to be yours. And “her” life should never be your measuring stick or means of comparison. Remember, God has a specific and unique plan for your life. She could never fulfill the calling you have on your life, and you should never try to do fulfill hers.

“You cannot fulfill your calling, by trying to mimic hers.”

We each have our own experiences, gifts and interests. We each have a heart that breaks for different injustices. We have a personal relationship with God. We each have a unique realm of influence. So, He will use us in different ways to love others. It doesn’t mean that “her” calling is more valuable than yours. Because if we try to measure up to her, we find that we don’t meet her standard. We will be left feeling inadequate, unqualified and uncalled. But, that is the lie. It is the stumbling block that the enemy uses to paralyze us from taking those steps of faith. And it will hinder you from walking the calling God has on your life, out of fear. It is the fear of never measuring up. That is what spiritual comparison can do.

So, let’s renew our minds. Not according to horoscopes, nice quotes or what our professor said. Let’s seek God’s word for the truth. Because everything that sets itself up against the infallible word of God carries no weight or truth authority.

Here are few key things to remember:

  • You are loved by God apart from what you can do.
  • His love is not circumstantial or conditional, but instead an act of grace.
  • We were each given unique spiritual gifts to be used to glorify God. (1 Cor. 12:4-11)… we were not all meant be used the same.
  • We are all valuable and different members of the body of Christ, designed and called. (1 Cor. 12:14-26)

Remember this: You are equipped to be used by God where you are, but you must be humble enough to serve wherever and whenever the LORD sees fit. And we must work to fully understand that our qualification to fulfill our calling does not com from anything other than the cross.

Her calling is beautiful. Your calling is beautiful. You are a rare and valuable member of the body of Christ, and so as she. Empower and encourage others in their calling. The same way I encourage you to fulfill yours, whatever that looks like. But I can promise you, it’s going to be by staying in your lane! The lane God designed for you. It will challenge you to grow, step out, be bold, take a risk, seek truth, make moves… but I promise you, seeking God’s plan for your life is far more fulfilling than the life of comparing and mimicking hers.

Bible Reading for you: 1 Corinthians 12

*If you need some guidance on how to study your bible, I have created a simple step-by-step of my routine, find it here.

Watch today’s recap video below!

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