d r e a m i n ‘

Hey you, what do you really want?

What do you want right now?

It’s very easy and tempting for us to name 10 things off the top of our heads! Circumstances, opportunities, seasons, people and trends are always changing so there seems to always be something we desire. It could be as simple as wanting your air conditioning to work or as serious as your body to be healed. It is very much a part of our nature to want.

Maybe there are some things that you have prayed for for a long time. Maybe there are things you’ve just wanted for a long time. Here are some examples of things you might be praying for:

(examples may vary)
your debt paid off
your body healed of a disease
your future husband (or “wife” for the fellas) to show up on the scene
or for them to just make some moves already!
to find a career that has meaning
to be good at something… anything!
to reveal your calling or the right direction to go
to get that promotion or opportunity
to make it big
to finally be recognized for all that you do around here
to travel the world
to get a new car
to buy a home
to be friends with the cool kids
to hit the lotto (let’s be real, you’ve thought about it)
to look like Adriana Lima, have the inner strength of Christine Caine, & the heart of Mother Teresa.
Come on God, pleaseeeee. 

So, what do we do in our want? Well, we often pray and beg God for those things. We all know of the perks of having a loving Heavenly Father that just so happens to have the power to answer our prayers if He wills it. And how quickly we turn back to that verse in John!

Whatever you ask in My name, that will I do, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask Me anything in My name, I will do it.”

//   J O H N  1 4 : 1 3 – 1 4

So why wouldn’t God want to answer my prayer when it says it clearly in the bible that He will answer it if I ask in His name!? Well, first we need to look a little more closely at this verse. His word says that He “will do it so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.” This means, we should check to see if the result of our answered prayer request would be glorifying to Him. Remember, it’s always about Him. For His glory and for the gospel to be revealed through your life as an example to others.

Where do these desires stem from?

We are a generation infamous for comparison! We have refined this craft of digging through pieces of someone’s life (via social media), and without even thinking we begin to compare and size up their life and compare it to our own. We take the beautiful portrayed pieces of their lives (which is all that is revealed) and then what? We get depressed, or envious, or angry, or insecure, or maybe we just try changing our own life to look more like theirs. I’ll tell you what happens: we just find another “want.” We find more things to desire!

If I only had ______ like her/him, then I would get to where I want to be.

God says “No.”

Ok, now what if God says no? What if He says no to something that you have long desired and faithfully prayed for? You’re probably thinking, “Jazz this is the story of my life, what are you saying?!” For a lot of us, it does feel like the story of our lives for God to tell us no! The blessings and “yes’s” only seem to get passed out to the more favored, the more godly, the more attractive, the more… How easy it is for us to view other Christians this way!

Well, God didn’t bless me with Lindsey’s magnetic personality, so she must have more favor than me!

God didn’t bless me with a singing voice like Laura’s, so He must love her a little more.

God just keeps continually blessing Donna with finances from outta nowhere, so He must have forgotten about me.

God created Melissa with the perfect little frame, He wanted her to find someone more than me.

God made Nicole to have the most amazing skills, He most of skipped me when He was passing those out.

God gave her the job of her dreams, and I’m over here still dreamin’! God what’s the deal?

God allowed my loved ones to be taken from me multiple times in the last few years, God do you hate me??

Valid feelings, invalid reasoning.

So what happens when you don’t get what you ask for? God’s ways and plans are greater than our understanding. And if you trust Him and seek Him, He will turn everything out for your good, and His glory. And that is the ultimate goal. We want to reach a point of spiritual maturity where we are able to say,

“God, I don’t understand, but I know you are a trustworthy and good Father, who desires what’s best for me. I clearly am incapable of knowing what that is right now, so please keep me from what I want, in order to give me what I truly need.”

What about when you see others in need, do you blame God?

Sin, shame, death, poverty, hardship, betrayal, sickness, bitterness, rejection, abuse, bullying, loneliness, hunger… These are all extremely serious needs. They are not to be taken lightly, over looked or forgotten. And you know, some people question why God doesn’t intervene and take care of the needs in this world. But, they have forgotten! He DID. He IS. And it started with the cross.

We grow so desensitized to what the meaning of the cross was because we talk about it so lightly and so often. But, Jesus died and rose so that we would be granted His Spirit, and by the power of the Holy Spirit His church would be a living body meant to love and meet the needs of the world. That means Jesus didn’t leave us to fend for ourselves as individual entities. He left us with Himself, to operate as a single church body, meant to work together by the power of His Holy Spirit to defend the orphan, feed the sick, offer friendship to the lonely and love the unloved. And once you realize that He called us, specifically you, to step in and fill the gap for people in need, you realize He intended to meet needs through people like me and you by the power of His Spirit. That is part of His plan. So when you see a need, maybe God is calling you to be a part of His plan by stepping in and filling that need. Service.

God says “YES!”

What if it just doesn’t make sense to you why He wouldn’t answer your prayer? I mean maybe this prayer request comes for a sincere place in your heart. What if your prayer was for healing, reconciliation or direction? Those aren’t selfish or sinful ambitions, so why wouldn’t God just choose to answer our prayers? But, we must remember…


the lame walk,

the dead are made alive,

the poor grow rich,

the sick are made well,

the blind see,

the pain subsides…


the heart never changes….


we have misunderstood what we need most.


God’s transformation of the heart is what affects the eternal.


no matter how many of your circumstances improve,

don’t be fooled by increasing wants, but know your ultimate satisfying need.


So, I’m going to ask again… What do you really want?

Because, when it comes down to it, we don’t need anything else. When it comes down to it, if we don’t feel close and fully loved and protected in the arms of our Heavenly Father then nothing else matters. We can look like a million bucks, live in our dream home, married to our dream spouse, with a full bank account, and we could have even donated a million dollars to a charity… but, unless we are healed, whole and in a love relationship with Jesus, we will never be satisfied with our dreams and wants.

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  1. Very true! Thanks for sharing this! I am thankful for women like you, who are willing to share their faith not only with their words but by how they live their lives. God Bless You!


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