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“Wait for the Lord, be strong, take heart; wait for the Lord.”

P S A L M  2 7 :  1 4

Ok, so this journal entry is going to speak on the things I am currently learning/experiencing! I wish I could say this is something that I learned back in 2010, or even a year ago! Shoot, I’d take six months… Nope. I am learning this right now! So, it’s actually pretty cool that we are able to learn this stuff together. Ok, here we go…


I would consider myself to be a big time dreamer, analytical thinker and a productive-minded person. I am a go-getter. Even though these characteristics can benefit me, I tend to struggle when it comes to taking the time to do nothing (some people call that rest). Rest is a foreign concept to me, because I am used to getting things done at all times. I like having a routine so I am able to get things done effectively and I feel productive and accomplished when I do so. I want to do so many amazing things for the Lord that I tend to get ahead of myself. So much that I end up doing far less than I want, because I am trying to do too much. The same is true when I get out of a season of hardship. I want to just keep going and apply all that I have learned.


So, what is it that each of us want? It is to be better! And this applies to all. We desire to be the best version of us that we can be. And this can be a very positive thing! We want to be more kind, intelligent, successful, caring, joyful, healthy… We want all of these things, so what action point makes the most sense in order to pursue this progress? Well, in my own mind the most appropriate course of action would be to go out and do something about all the good you want to do in your life. Up until this point of my life, that is exactly what I have tried to do. If I had a rough season in my life, I try to learn from it and rush into a new season, hoping that I would get it right the next time! But, what if God tells us in order grow and go do good things we must first wait? Yikes. Even the thought of slowing down, being patient, giving God time, cultivating diligence, walking instead of running, resting, and pursuing contentment freaks me OUT. But, thankfully, I am able to see the area of my life where God is actively trying to stretch and grow me and for that I am thankful. I just wanna be great, but God wants me to be patient.

What happens when we wait on the Lord?

  1. We reflect.
    • Everything we have been through and the way we chose to handle our experiences has helped shape us into who we are today. By self-reflecting, we are able to gain some clarity on whether we are actively applying all our life lessons into new seasons of our lives. And although sometimes we fear looking to the past because it carries a lot of painful memories and looking back can seem like too much to bear, remember that it helps us pinpoint the healing that still needs to take place. And that is vital for health and growth. Reflecting helps us to see red flags we chose to ignore before. It then helps us to easily identify them in the future, which will keep us from heading down the same path again. During a time of reflection we are able to renew our minds to the truth rather than lies that disguised themselves as truth from your past. You are able to grow wiser by identifying truth verses lies.
  2. We heal.
    • We are unable to heal ourselves. That is just the truth. Time doesn’t heal, God does. And until we accept this and surrender our time over to the Lord, we are choosing to trust ourselves with our own healing. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust myself to do a God-sized job like that. I have learned that my own abilities cannot save me. And it doesn’t matter how many times your circumstances improve, such as a new career, a new home, a new relationship, a new baby, a new income, a new _______, without healing, you will remain as hurt, broken and miserable as you were even in lower circumstance.  When your circumstance finally changes you’ll realize it wasn’t your circumstance that needed changing, it was your heart.
  3. We don’t repeat.
    • If we do not allow God the time to heal and grow us, by surrendering our time and attention to Him, we will undoubtedly continue our lethal patterns and behaviors over and over. We don’t want that! We want to grow and move forward, but isn’t funny how in order to move forward, we have to stop? Have you ever had the same dysfunction relationship over and over with different people (romantic or platonic), because you didn’t allow God the time to heal your heart and teach you that you deserve to experience better? Out of loneliness, fear, and comfortability we go from relationship to relationship without ever really considering if we should just take a second to pause, and listen to what God is trying to say. He is saying, “STOP, PAUSE, HOLD ON, WAIT, BE PATIENT, and ENJOY your time with me as I do what only I can do.” Everything else can wait, because when we PAUSE, we are eventually able to push PLAY without hitting REPEAT.
  4. We fall in love.
    • How beautiful is it to know that the person you love wants nothing more than to spend time with you? And how intimate is it to learn more of the person you love by taking the time to know them better. That is what it means to value someone. You see them as someone worth investing your time and attention to. And when we are obedient to slow down and look up at the One who wants to show us how much we are loved, we ourselves fall more in love with Him. It is a beautiful thing. We grow more Christ-like because we are with Him all the time. We find ourselves on the right path because we are actively choosing to follow His voice which has become such a familiar sound.

A friend of mine and I recently had lunch with two pastors that are older and extremely wise. They casually gave me such great insight and advice on giving God my time in this season of my life. One of the pastors mentioned that people tend to have a skewed perception of time and it keeps us from growing and moving forward in our lives. It is a crazy concept to think that we must pause in order to move forward. The last thing thing we want to do is repeat the same tough seasons of our lives purely out of our own stubbornness to give God our time. God loves you, values you and wants great things for you. But we knows that you need time with HIM in order to do what He has planned for you.


OUR challenge is to wait and enjoy spending time with the Lord.

We need to reflect on the Lord’s active role in our lives. What is it that He has freed us from, taught us, and tried to show us? How is He trying to spend intimate time with us? Meditate on Psalm 27. We must renew our minds of the concept of time. We cannot grasp it no matter how fast or hard we work. We need to surrender it to the Lord, and let Him make us beautiful in His timing. And we need to allow God time so we are able to heal, because without healing and growth our changed circumstance lacks value.

Love you guys.




  1. MAN…I JUST WANNA BE GREAT TOO! Ha This is awesome, and so real…Thank you for sharing this lesson and for the gentle reminder to pause. It’s so important and I think we know that but it can be such a hard concept to put to practice.
    So good!
    I just started following your blog, but it’s great! Thank you for journaling! =)


  2. Love this outlook. It’s so hard to stay steady and fight the urge to change everything that we feel needs to be changed to be the people we feel God want’s us to be. Great thoughs! xo


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