So, there have been many jokes and memes going around about how much of an “L” 2016 was! And some of them are actually pretty funny. But like any other year, it was full of highs and lows. For some, mostly highs and for others, the lowest lows. Each of us are in a different season of this journey called life, so it’s important for us to recognize what each season calls for! There are two things we should focus on for any new year: prayers + goals.


p r a y e r s

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. ”

p h i l i p p i a n s 4 : 6

In the beginning of each year I write out a list of prayer requests (this list usually is made up of things out of my control). That way, I can go back and mark the date next to each one as God fulfills those requests throughout the year! Sometimes He fulfills those requests with a yes or with a no! Either way, He answers. One of the current challenges of my life is to be very specific when I ask the Lord for the things I desire. I sometimes find myself getting timid when it comes to asking God for things because:

  • God already knows what I need before I even ask (so what’s the point?)
  • I catch myself doubting that God wants to bless me
  • I am almost afraid to ask because it’s probably a no!

This causes me to ask for things more broadly rather than specifically just to be “safe.” Because, hey if I don’t ask then I can’t get denied, am I right?

But, I am reminded that God is a loving Heavenly Father that enjoys to bless His kids! That’s including you and me. He desires to hear from us! And two of the most comforting things to know is that God is trustworthy and He cares. If He allows or disallows anything, He is sovereign and has a greater plan beyond what we can see. He turn any situation around for His glory if we let Him. And when it’s a “no,” we must remember He is big enough to protect us from what we think we want or what we think is best. We can all probably look back on a situation where God did not allow something that you can thank Him for today! So this year, let’s step out in faith when it comes to prayer. Let’s pray more specifically, boldly and consistently… and trust God with His answers!


g o a l s !

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do and He will establish your plans. “

p r o v e r b s  1 6 : 3

As we start a new year, we may have written down goals or changes we would like to make for the purpose of personal growth!

  • emotional
  • spiritual
  • financial
  • academic
  • personal
  • etc.

This is a great way to start off a new year with a positive mindset. But, it’s also helpful to understand in what season of life you are entering 2017. For example, are you entering lonely? Heartbroken? Content? Lost? Happy? Full of hope? Full of regret? Weak? Sick? Stagnant? Refreshed? In surplus? In need? Driven? Tired? …it is important to know where you are, so you can redirect or sustain where you’re going. For example, if you’re trapped in habitual sin, be honest about it with yourself so you can seek accountability and truth in order to be freed from it. If you’re not honest or aware of your season, development is impossible. And this goes for all of us! Our goals should always glorify Christ and it’s best to be self-aware in order to do that!

We should ask ourselves if each one of our goals:

  1. honors God
  2. has a plan

I had to make sure that my plans honored God and that I have an action plan for each of my goals for 2017 based on where I am in my life. That way, as my life seasons change I can adjust my route accordingly to make sure I still accomplish my goals!





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