You’re worth so much more.


You’re more than just another pretty face,

You’re His beautiful workmanship and a product of His grace.

You’re more than the numbers displayed on that scale,

You’re value is found in Love that cannot fail.

You’re more than the GPA on that card,

You’re pleasing to the Lord in the highest regard.

You’re more than the shape of your current physique,

You’re body is a home for the Lord to keep.

You’re more than the things that were done to you,

You’re a woman who God redeemed and made new.

You’re more than the figures written on a check,

You’re loved regardless and your safe to rest.

You’re more than mistakes from your past,

You’re pursued by a Love that will always last.

You’re more than the slander that went around,

You’re defended by the One where our hope is found.

You’re more than feeling like an abandoned daughter,

You’re an adopted child of our Heavenly Father.

You’re more than trying to prove your worthy of love,

You’re a part of His plan and already taken care of.

You’re more than what you’re able to do

You’re wanted and chosen simply for being you.

The funny one, the smart one, the boring one, the easy one, the snobby one, the mean one, the big one, the skinny one, the annoying one, the ugly one, the pretty one, the real one, the fake one, the fitness one, the gaming one, the working one, the unrealistic one, the lazy one, the immature one, the arrogant one, the fun one, the influential one, the ______ one. Whatever you have been labeled, today be reminded that you are so much more. You are loved, valued, wanted, pursued, forgiven, redeemed, and chosen simply because you have a Savior that died on the cross in order to offer that identity to you. By His selfless act of  love, you worth is so much more!


And in the same way, never view anyone as just “that” person. They are worth so much more than the value that our finite minds can calculate or measure. When you see someone, ask God for His vision and look a little deeper. You may find someone that was never wanted to be summed up by one statement, in fact they are loved and valued beyond what we could ever imagine.

 “Who can find a virtuous woman? For her worth is far above rubies.”

proverbs 31:30

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