New year, new mind. [Part 2]


With every new year there is opportunity to reflect on the previous year and decide to intentionally make changes in order to make it better than the last. Many of us have written out or thought up a list of resolutions and goals to accomplish in 2015.

Get “healthy.”

Get that job.

Be more disciplined.


Spend more time with the family.

Finish school.

Go back to school.

Reconcile relationships.

Get closer to God.

Read more.


Save more.

& the list goes on…

One thing is for certain, we can all look back on 2014 and clearly recall moments that the Lord has called us to learn and grow from. Maybe He has been asking you to learn and grow from that same lesson back in 2013 or even 2012. For some reason, we try to ignore God’s plans for our new year! But, we don’t want to keep learning “last year’s lessons” each new year. Because here is the thing, we will have to keep learning the hard way until we get it! God’s intention is only for our benefit. We serve a good God and He would never ask you to grow and learn if He didn’t see a greater plan that what you can see now.

And a lot of the time, focusing on the thing that God is asking you to do, will help you in finishing your own personal goals for the new year! We often want to focus on fixing the symptoms for the new year, but refuse to get healthy at the source of our sickness. Let me give you some examples…

  • You want to start eating healthy this new year, because you gained a little weight in 2014. But, God is asking you to fully seek Him in order to heal from a betrayal by that friend or family member, which is causing you to emotionally eat as a depressant.
  • You want to workout 5 times a day this new year, because you want to feel great. But, God is asking you to see yourself through His lens, because He knows you don’t feel good enough and maybe they would like you if you were just a little bit thinner.
  • You want to really work on your relationship with your girlfriend or boyfriend this year. But, God has been asking you for years to dedicate your relationship to Him and to stay pure, because the sin of your relationship has caused pain and chaos.
  • You want to stay on the right path and seek the Lord this year. But, God is asking you to break free from certain relationships that bring you down and encourage you to reject God’s calling for your life.

I believe seeing God’s goals, and even our own goals from a new perspective will help keep us motivated and encouraged to make 2015 a beautiful year! God is such a big God and He uses countless people, songs, sermons, bible studies, messages and situations to speak to us. God wants the best for us! And He doesn’t want us to have to relearn the same lessons each year. He wants us to be free to live our lives by moving forward, growing and walking secure. When focusing on your goals this year, really seek God’s wisdom on what exactly HE wants from you this year! Seek His will, and He will make your path straight! Seek Him and it will all be added! Love you guys, make it an amazing year in the Lord!


  1. Thanks for this post. I’ve been feeling the pull so strongly. I love my boyfriend dearly but God is making it clear that the relationship isn’t benefiting my spiritual walk. I am in a tricky place but I am praying for god to make the choices easy. Your post was motivating though and I thought I would give you feedback 🙂


    1. Hi Gina! Thank you so much for your feedback! And I know that God can definitely make the answer very clear, but it’s being obedient that takes a lot of leaning on God’s strength and changing our mindset. God always has the best plan and He is for you, not against you. He wants the best for you and I will be praying for you! I pray that God makes it so evidently clear what His will is for your life and He gives you just enough courage and strength to live it out. ♥



  2. Thank you for this, it really hit home for me. My mind set is exactly how you described most people every year. Although I’ve never been one for new years resolutions, I have always seen the new year as doing things better or differently, but not godly. This really changes my perspective on how I will pursue God this year. I love how you wrote ” We often want to focus on fixing the symptoms for the new year, but refuse to get healthy at the source of our sickness”. I’m sure there are a lot of areas of my life God has been trying to refine, but I’ve been avoiding it. I look forward to this lesson fraught year 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my post. And I am thankful to hear that I am not alone in this pursuit! I think we often get caught up in trying to fix the surface level things when God says there is something bigger at play. I love that we both are making this decision of refraining from avoiding God’s refinement! We want to be all that He desires for us to be so with that comes the nature choice of focusing on the source! ❤️


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