secure young woman.

Whom have I in heaven but You? And besides You, I desire nothing on earth. My flesh and my heart may fail, But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

[  p s a l m  7 3 : 2 5 – 2 6  ]

So I’ve recently had a revelation! Or maybe it was simply a moment of clarity. I just needed a little reminding of something God already revealed to me. Sound familiar? Ok, so what is this amazing revelation?

Even if my world is ripped out from underneath me, as I reach for His hand to break my fall I realize that God’s got me, and I can even smile as I realize that I have all that I need. ♥

How many of us would love to stand unshakeable and secure whenever the Enemy tries to trip us up? (ME!!) And I’m not just talking about some minor hiccup, but I am talking about the ability to stand firm in the faith even when it feels like your whole world just got turned upside down. Instead of giving into the lie that your world is over, that you have no future or that everything good in your life is now gone, wouldn’t you just love to resist the devil by walking out the truth that Jesus fulfills your every need? And no matter what he tries to rob you of, he could NEVER rob you of the one thing that you actually need: JESUS. [Read Romans 8:28-39]. And until we learn that He truly is the absolute only thing we NEED, we will be complete wrecks anytime we lose the things we have put our security in other than Jesus. So in order to learn how to go through changes securely in Christ, we need to go over a few things:

  1. Change.
  2. False Security.
  3. Jesus.


I couldn’t count the number of people that I know who are currently going through MAJOR transitions in their lives. And what usually comes along with transition? FEAR. We have talked about that before. The Enemy uses fear tactics in order to keep you from transitioning into the next season that the Lord has for you. And walking blindly into an unknown future can be overwhelmingly scary for some of us. We have a hard time letting go of what we have known, even when it wasn’t necessarily a good place. Crazy how the Enemy does that. We KNOW that what God has for us will undoubtedly be better than where we are, and yet we still feel more comfortable here. We may have even prayed for God to free us from the season we’ve been stuck in, and when the time comes to be faithful and move forward with Him into the unknown, we somehow forget and question how He could possibly do this to us! Haha, it’s almost comical when you really think about it. We don’t know what we want!

Thankfully we have a God that is SO much greater and stronger than us. He knows what our needs are, even if we wouldn’t choose those things for ourselves. When we learn who Jesus is, it is easier to trust what He is doing. And we embrace change, because change leaves room for growth. And you cannot grow trying to hold onto who you have been. Let go of who you’ve been in order to allow God to transform you by letting Him fulfill your needs. Don’t let fear keep you from where you are meant to go. If I wouldn’t have gone through any of the painful transitions that have entered my life, I would not have had the opportunity to encourage you through yours. I see it as a blessing. Hardship has kept me from staying stagnant in my walk with the Lord, and it has allowed me to share with you the enemy’s fear-tactics to keep you from moving forward in the midst of uncertain transitions. So during these times, we cling to His truths found in the word for the comfort of our souls. We chase God with everything we have and choose to live our life in a way that is pleasing to Him, and because of this, God promises to work everything you’re going through out for good!

And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

[ r o m a n s  8 : 2 8 ]


You know it usually happens like this… “Well, at least I will always have ______.” I cannot tell you how many times I have said THAT exact thing and sure enough, that false security was taken from me and I was left shocked, broken and insecure. That mindset is setting you up to have your world rocked to the core. Remember, our goal is to go through seasons of change unshakeable and secure. Well, I can tell you until you renew your mindset, this is not the way!

Never put your trust and security in a any circumstance, because circumstances always change.

Here is the scary thing about putting our security in anything other than the Lord, those things are GUARANTEED to change. Let me give you some examples:

  • Your relationships (family, friends, romantic)
  • Your job/career
  • Your church
  • Your finances
  • Your own ability/talents
  • Your purpose
  • Your appearance
  • Your spiritual leaders/mentors

We will live in insecurity our whole lives if we rely on these unstable circumstances as a foundation. They are too flimsy! And the devil would LOVE for you to operate your whole life in insecurity. Why? Well, just think about how many of your sins were a result of your insecurity!

People in their humanity sin, hurt you, move, pass away, and are constantly changing. Jobs constantly reorganize and change. Churches change their direction and goals. You better believe your appearance will change. Your abilities could easily change for a number of reasons. Your talents can easily dull. Your purpose for the Lord could change. Your spiritual leaders could fail you at any time. Your finances can always go up and down. No earthly circumstance is guaranteed to remain unchanged, therefore no circumstance can ever fulfill your needs. What is your false security? Find it and surrender it to the Lord! Then, reposition Jesus back to His rightful place in your heart. View your false security for what it is. If not, it will leave you unsatisfied, unfulfilled and insecure.

There is an emptiness in chasing after the “right circumstance.” Instead, chase after the only One who can satisfy your every need.


Thankfully, we serve a God that never changes! We must find our security in HIM ALONE, because He is the only foundation that is safe enough not to get ripped out from underneath you in this life. And we must realize and know that HE ALONE fulfills our every need. Don’t believe me?

In this life you need Him to be:

  • Your Caretaker
  • Your Provider
  • Your Refuge
  • Your Friend
  • Your Father
  • Your Romancer
  • Your Hero
  • Your Leader
  • Your Purpose
  • Your Teacher
  • Your Identity
  • Your Strength
  • Your Protector
  • Your Joy
  • Your Peace
  • Your Hope
  • Your Grace
  • Your Truth
  • Your Satisfaction
  • Your Confidence

The key is to go through changes unshakeable and secure, knowing that if you have Jesus, unlike your false security, you have all that you need to get through. He alone will fulfill EVERY SINGLE one of your needs. I promise you, that everything else will leave you wanting more. Even the thing you want right now, whatever it is, I promise you that obtaining that one thing will not fulfill you. You need Jesus.

God will guide you through difficult seasons of having to completely trust Him so that you will be broken from your continual attempt of searching for your security in anything other than Him. And we are even able to have joy knowing that Jesus is still with us even when we don’t know what’s next. Praise God that the cycle of chasing these false security in our lives ends HERE! The enemy’s scheme didn’t work this time! We thank God for these times and we look to constantly find our security in HIM ALONE. Reject your false-security and work towards a renewed mindset that even if your world is taken from you, all you need is Jesus.

Trust an unchanging God to fulfill your needs in an ever-changing world.


Ok, let’s just say you had been enduring a hard time of transition and in that time you’ve learned how to put your trust and security in God alone! Yay! You were able to reject the enemy’s lies that you were unsafe with an unknown future, and instead of trying to regain control, you actually released and surrendered your future to Jesus (the only one capable of fulfilling your needs). And now God has brought you into a new season of blessing. You are no longer struggling with the fear of change, instead God has actually established something new in your life! We thank God for this time of blessing.

What will you do differently with this new blessing, then you would have in the past?

= Beware, the enemy will try to take your blessing and make it your curse by tempting you to replace the Lord’s position in your heart with a blessing. Do not change your where your security lies just because your circumstance changes, even if it’s a good one! In order to accept God’s blessing, we must see it as just that, a blessing. Not our security. Anything that the Lord chooses to bless us with is an extra! Not a need! Jesus is our only need, and that is why we stand unshakeable and secure in ANY season or circumstance. Don’t forget: A changed circumstance won’t fulfill your need, only God will!

Each morning, wake up with joy as you are able to whisper,

“Today is a good day, because I have the only One that fulfills my every need.”




  1. Jasmine, you blogged the story of my life right here! I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve prayed for the Lord to deliver me from my sin, and then how crushed my spirit was when He took me out into the unknown. –What a blessing it is to know that the Lord is continuously working in each of us so that we may encourage eachother in faith. I pray the spirit will always be the governor of our hearts! Blessings! ❤️


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