The Purpose

So, here it is! I know I have considered creating a blog for quite some time (years!), but this is just an extension of my hashtag #strivingtobeawisewoman where I share what God has been teaching me.

“As iron sharpens iron,
    so one person sharpens another.”

[  p r o v e r b s  2 7 : 1 7  ]

So, I could not possibly stress enough how I am NOT some biblical theologian that has this lifetime of experience in which I have been able to figure out and master this thing called life. On the contrary, I am a 23 year young woman, currently in college, that just REALLY loves to study God’s word and find practical application principles as He reveals. And if I have learned one thing, it’s that we are NEVER done learning and growing. Even when we think we have learned our lesson in a particular area, we may find ourselves relearning that same thing in another season of our life.

With that being said, the purpose of this blog is to share my journey with the Lord and what He has revealed to me in order to encourage you in the faith, knowing that we are not alone and that we are meant to build each other up as it glorifies HIM. I love to share what God is teaching me and I pray that it is exactly what someone needs to hear in that moment. My goal is to inspire you to live the life that God created YOU to live with Him and I am excited to see how God chooses to use this blog. Oh, and I absolutely love to write, but I am also not a professional author so PLEASE excuse any errors you may run into while reading my posts. 😉 HE USES THE WILLING, even in our inadequacy.

I invite you to SUBSCRIBE & COMMENT and interact in this blog. I have had some people request for me to write about a certain topic or a section of scripture. It will challenge me to get into my word and study so please don’t hesitate to ask! Iron sharpens iron! Let’s grow together.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for Your love for us and thank you for choosing to speak to each one of us in Your own way. You are so good to us. I pray that You use me and You use this blog for Your purpose. Speak to those that need encouragement in the faith and allow us to grow as a family and as one body in You. I pray for the people who feel stuck in sin, that are thirsty for Your word, for those who feel empty, that feel unworthy, that feel tired, that need to seek you with their whole heart and for the person that needs a christian role model in their life… God you know our needs, I pray that you feel the voids in our hearts and bring people into our life that speak Your truth and are an encouragement for us. Break us from the sin that entangles us and lead us down the path that leads to life. Keep temptation far from us and give us discernment when something doesn’t line up with your will. Thank you for loving us first. We love you too.


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